Master Chef shows luxury tapas on tast plates


One of the last programmes of Master Chef TVE showed our tast plates. Three great creations were presented on them. Gourmet tapas by Paco Roncero, Ramón Freixa and Marcos Morán. Contestants made original dishes, according to the recipes of these great masters.

It was a pleasure that recipes as the foie silver chocolate by Ramón Freixa, lobster with olive oil soup and pink grapefruit by Paco Roncero, or crispy Asturian cheese sandwich by Marcos Morán, were served in our plates.

Tast plates were the perfect accessories to these category meals!!!


Tast plates in the Samantha Catering's blog


Nowadays, the Samantha Catering is one of the most renowned and colorful caterer in the Country.

Thanks to the experience and contacts, it's a safe bet for brand events and private parties.

The Samantha Catering's blog is an example of visual presentations and proposals that surprise and stimulate.

Thanks for using tast products in your creative recipes !!


Tast solution at the Arucitys's Programme in 8TV Channel


The Minato restaurant prepared an exquisite menu for the Arucitys equipment, in order to celebrate the anniversary of the presenter and journalist Alfonso Arus.

Partners and colleagues could taste an excellent japanese meal, using the tast solution formed by the plate XL and glass XL.

Our plate XL is very useful for these occasions, because it lets you hold drink and food in one hand. In addition, thanks to its multifunctional cavity, it is also the perfect solution to incorporate any kind of sauce.

Tast would like to congratulate Alfonso Arus for his birthday and the Minato restaurant for this well-prepared menu !!


Tast products at the japanese restaurants


The japanese meals and tast products make a great team.

There is an increase in the number of japanese restaurants that use tast product for their caterers and presentations.

See the image of the Tastem restaurant in Valencia, where a mixture of black and white tast spoon was used for a recipe.

This is the result of a fantastic team work !!


An unforgettable dinner: El Sopar del Català de l'Any 2015


Once again, Tast products have complemented the creations of the best chefs of Catalunya in an unforgettable dinner: El sopar del Català de L'Any 2015.

A great honor to have been part of this "pica-pica", where you could enjoy the dishes of eleven prestigious restaurants that demonstrated their professionalism and talent.


Tast products invade Internet through the bloggers


Once again, congratulations to all the bloggers for their dedication and their contents on the Internet.

From Italy, we also receive visual and easy recipes to make, using our tast products.


Tast spoon, the perfect accessory to quality snacks


From California Waters Fine Foods & Catering demonstrates professionalism daily, offering a full service catering.

Delicious dishes to enjoy anywhere, with a smooth blend of imagination and high quality ingredients.

At the picture you can see the tast spoon, a perfect support for a colorful and fresh appetizer.


National and International bloggers present great creations using tast


We continue to receive a lot of online publications, recipes and
reviews of tast products.
Thanks to all the bloggers for their work and collaboration. 
You will find fantastic ideas with our products!!


Tast products take an active part in the Sopar de l' Any 2013's event

Paco Perez 

Once again, our products were involved in the catering of the "Català de l'Any 2013" event.

On Tuesday May 13 at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya took place the selection of the "Català de l'Any", award given each year by "El Periódico de Catalunya" after a popular selection process.

At the picture we see the Chef Paco Pérez, in full preparation of Sopar de l'Any, using tast plates for this ocassion.


Tast products are present in the Continents of the World


The renowned Australian Heyder & Shears catering also uses tast products for culinary creations.

Stands out by quality products, perfect service and carefully manage every aspect of the job. The Heyder & Shears' philosophy is "Thinking big".

Leaders in events design and production of large-scale celebrations in Australia.


Culinary-Store expands the range of products


The online store of Tast products, Culinary-Store, has expanded the range of products for sale to individuals.

From today, in addition to permanent stock of Tast products at you can find the best brands of equipment and small kitchen utensils, also specialized books in gastronomy.



The great success of the Tast products among the bloggers from Spain


Thanks to all bloggers from Spain who use Tast products for the presentation of their recipes and cooking suggestions.


Manolo Manosalbas uses Tast products for the photo shoot of Black Label Gourmet


We would like to share the amazing photo shoot of Manolo Manosalbas, photographer and lover of gourmet cuisine, made with Tast products for his customer Black Label Gourmet.

This is an image of the photo shoot.
Further information about the author:


Tast in celebrations and family catering


Tast products also take part in small and private celebrations.

Everyday more people use our disposable products for their reunions in petit comité.

The versatility of Tast products is suitable at any time, allowing a lot of possibilities in snacks, family reunions and meals with friends.


Every day increase the number of blogs in Spain which include the tast elements in their publications


Tast would like to give thanks and our sincere appreciation to the bloggers, for the great and unselfish work in disseminating information about gastronomy and cooking.


Ramon Puiggené presents his work for Art Tast


Ramon Puiggené, presents his project for Art Tast, a conceptual work about the past and the present, love, life and death.

A creation where life begins or ends as a tattoo, inspired by the philosophy of the samurai and geishas. The author uses for his work Tast spoon, source of passion, love and life.

Instagram       Ramon Puiggené


Lost and Font Exhibition


Last October 14, took place the Lost and Font Exhibition in the heart of Barcelona's popular Borne district.  

During the event, was presented the Global Alphabet 2013 and we enjoyed an excellent catering served with Tast products. 


La Farga Catering


Tast products are key pieces in snacks, lunch and dinner events organized by La Farga.

The catering service of La Farga presents great personal and professional events.

The Nove Group and Tast at the Gastronomic Forum of Girona 2013


In the latest edition of the Gastronomic Forum of Girona had an important presence The Nove Group, presenting cutting edge Galician cuisine.

Tast products were used for their proposals, in a clear commitment to modernity, great experience and culinary enthusiasm.


Roser Capdevila i Valls, author of the Triplets, has delivered a singular creation for Art Tast


Roser Capdevila i Valls presents her work for Art Tast, inspired by the Tast spoon and her passion for shoes. 

The writer and illustrator of children's books has designed a pair of original black sandals, which seem to come straight out of a Triplets' fantasy adventure. 

This is an image of her work.

More information about the author of the Triplets in her web.


Tast and a culinary proposal of Jordi Jacas in the FIRATAST 2013 edition


Jordi Jacas is an enthusiastic and enterprising chef of haute Catalonian cuisine, who use the Tast products for his tastings. 

Owner of the renowned restaurant Moli de l'Escala in Girona, Jordi Jacas offers a customized and high quality catering service, el Moli Catering, for all kind of events and celebrations. 

This year we have found this great professional in the 2013 edition of FIRATAST, where Tast dishes taken part of a reference cuisine. 

This is an image of his original proposal.


Babette Catering, winner of the World Cup Catering, has trust in Tast products


Babette Catering team (Barcelona), directed by renowned chef Jean-Luc Figueras and trained by Alain Guiard y Óscar Escanciano, won last Saturday the World Cup Catering.

The contest was held in Lyon, under the Bocuse d'Or, that takes place biennially in Sirha, one of the most important world exhibition of Gastronomy.

Babette Catering has trust in Tast products for special events and celebrations


Marc Monzó designs a necklace for Art Tast project


Marc Monzó, young jewelry designer from Catalonia of international renown, presents his work for Art Tast.

Lover of small objects and matter, has designed a unique piece. A necklace made from plastic material of our spoons, combining black and white, the colours of Tast products.

This is a picture of his work.

In the artist's website you will find further information


Tast products are the first in Formula 1


Our products also live the great experience of Formula 1, participating in high level catering services.

The Meeting Point, a unique space with wide range and quality of services, counts on Tast for exclusive events during the celebration of the Grand Prix of Europe F1.


Miguel Soler-Roig has presented his work for Art Tast


Miguel Soler-Roig has delivered his work for the Art Tast project. 
The author presents for this initiative a black and white photograph of Tast Spoon, full of sensuality and elegance.

This is a picture of his work.

In the artist's website you will find all the information about his creations.


Tast products, key elements at Madrid Fusion 2013


In the new edition of Madrid Fusion 2013 you can find the latest trends of Spanish cuisine globally.

A meeting for exchange and learning, where the Tast products have been used for numerous tastings.


Cristina Guerrero takes part in the Art Tast initiative with a sculpture work


The artist from San Sebastián (Spain), Cristina Guerrero, has took part in the Art Tast project with a sculpture where the Tast Spoon is melted in the human body.

A modern, figurative work, that shows a link between object and anatomy.


A lot of restaurants around the world use the Tast products


A lot of restaurants around the world, use the Tast elements as perfect complement for their caterings.

For example, the Avenue restaurant in New Jersey, usually uses our products for private celebrations and events for the customers.


Christophe Dufau uses the Tast products for the events


The famous chef Christophe Dufau, owns Les Bachanales -  1 star Michelin restaurant in France, uses the Tast elements for the events.


Oriol Balaguer has been invited to the Salon du Chocolat in Salvador de Bahía


Oriol Balaguer has been invited to the Salon du Chocolat in Salvador de Bahía. One of the most important events in the world chocolate industry, where there were more than 20,000 people.

In all the tastings and demostrations have participated our Tast products.


The Tast products at many international blogs


Many international blogs tell about the Tast products, their elegant design and functional qualities. 

Thanks to everyone who write unselfishly these blogs and feel that our products have to be mentioned.


Bubó catering


Bubó, one of the most emblematic catering in Barcelona, managed by Carles Mampel, also uses all the elements Tast for the tastings.



The Tast products at the Abu Dhabi Fashion Icon blog


The disposable elements for catering Tast appear as characters in one of the news Abu Dhabi Fashion Icon blog

TAST Dubai best catering for


Clara Bonet presented her work of art for Art Tast


On June the artist and illustrator Clara Bonet presented the work of art for charitable purposes Art Tast

You can see an image of the work. On the website of the artist will find more information about her creations or artistic works.


Tast products usually appear in numerous publications


The Tast catering products usually appear in press releases of many publications in different sectors.


3rd edition of the best restaurant dessert by Espai Sucre


On October was held the 3rd edition of the best restaurant dessert by the pretigious school Espai Sucre.

The event paid tribute to one of the most international master pastry cook, Paco Torreblanca.

The catering was served with the disposable elements tast.


Carmen Galofré delivered her work of art for the Art Tast project


On February Carmen Galofré, recognized internationally, delivered us a work of art for the project, with charitable ends, Art tast.

This is an image of her work.

In the web of the artist you will find more information of her work.


Bernard Benbassat took part in the last Gastronomic Forum of Girona


In the last Gastronomic Forum of Girona 2011, the prestigious chef Bernard Benbassat gave magisterial chats on high gastronomy, dietetic and macrobiotic.

In this opportunity, the prestigious chef also used products tast for his demonstrations and tastings.


Fabián Martín celebrated the first anniversary of his pizzeria-workshop in Barcelona


Last week Fabián Martín, 3 times world champion quality pizza, celebrated the first anniversary of the opening of his pizzeria-workshop in Barcelona.

On this occasion he used the disposable elements Tast.


“Gastro Vision 2010” in Stuttgart


In "Gastro Vision 2010" were the latest trends of future products and services for catering. 

The innovative products of catering Tast could not miss the event.



The Paula Magazine


The Paula magazine, women's leading publication of the Chilean market, includes in one of his last articles the products Tast. Current affairs and trend travels up to Atacama's desert, where you can find the first luxury camp of the country, Adventur Camp.

The disposable products Tast turn into key pieces for the gourmet cooking and services 5 stars of this new initiative.


Oriol Balaguer participated in the 7th edition of Taste of T, in New York


Oriol Balaguer has participated in the 7th edition of Taste of T, organized by The New York Times Style Magazine.

Once again, the Master Pastry Chef used disposables elements Tast for the presentation of his desserts.


La Generosa - Off Wine Alimentaria


There was an importers' meeting of wine at La Generosa restaurant. People could taste 12 dishes with 12 wines, accompanied by live music - 12 tracks.

In this special evening the restaurant used the Tast elements.


Gabriele Randel has published her new book


The really known top chef in Germany Gabriele Randel has published the new book Molekular Desserts.

She choosed Tast elements for many of his receipies. And you can find many pictures of the book with Tast elements.



Sweet & Salty by Oriol Balaguer


Oriol Balaguer, known as one of the best pastry cheffs in the world has started a new business line called Sweet & Salty.

A high end catering using Tast products in most of his proposals.


Opening of the new center of antiaging aesthetic center Gema Cabañero


At the opening of the new center of antiaging aesthetic center Gema Cabañero in Madrid, was served a catering with Tast disposables elements.

A very exclusive event, which was highly original cocktails.


Català de l'Any 2009


Last Tuesday March 16th was celebrated the most expected event of the year. Mr. Josep Guardiola was awarded as Català de l'Any 2009!!!

The event was catered and prepaired by 23 of the world best cheffs such as:

Ferran Adrià, Carmen Ruscalleda, Joan Roca, Mey Hofmann, Carles Gaig, Takashi Ochiai, Nandu Jubany, Antonio Sáez ... etc!!!

All of them used Tast products for serve the catering.


Marc Vergés presented his work of art for Art Tast purposes


Marc Vergés, photographer specialized in Gastronomy, presented his work of art for charitable purposes Art Tast. 

This is an image of his work.

You can find more information about Marc Vergés in his website.


Javier de las Muelas introduces The Spoon Martini


The cocktailman Javier de las Muelas and his team have created The Spoon Martini. An innovative cocktail concentrated in a jelly.

The Tast glass was the perfect partner to introduce their new creations.


Clàudia Vives Fierro presented her work of art for Art Tast purposes


Clàudia Vives Fierro, atypical and singular artist, delivered her work for the charitable purposes Art Tast.

The artist made a picture of our Tast Spoon with a personal style.

You can see her work in her website.


Tast products in Telva Cocina Magazine


Tast products appear in the recipe book of Telva Cocina Magazine.



The magazine ask!? comer & beber deals with Tast products


The ask!? comer & beber magazine n. 2 praises the elegant design of Tast product and talks about the Art tast.

An initiative that convert into small art pieces, our Tast products. A project that involves recognized artist of different disciplines.


Oriol Balaguer presented his work of art for Art Tast purposes


Oriol Balaguer, famous pastry Chef and master of chocolate, presented his work for the project Art Tast.

Tast Egg is a chocolate creation inspired by our spoons.

Català de l'Any 2008


A highly acclaimed event "Català de l' Any 2008" took place at the Palace of Congress in Catalonia.  

The Tast products participated in a event where the traditional catalan cuisine was the key part. The event was notable for their extreme quality, preparation and organization.


The professional magazine Dulcypas presents an article for Cointreau Gastronomie


The Dulcypas magazine n. 321 includes an article about a demonstration by Oriol Balaguer for Cointreau Gastronomie.

Creations for the event were presented with Tast Brochettes.


"Gastro Vision 2008" Berlin 2008


Gastro Vision offers an unique gastronomic experience in an exclusive atmosphere, introducing the most innovative products and services for catering. 

Tast disposable elements for catering were launched in the edition 2008, that was celebrated in Berlin.


Mercedes Salisachs presented her work of art for Art Tast purposes


Mercedes Salisachs, well-known writer of best-seller, presented her work Tast with an original text, inspired by the design of the spoon Tast.

This is an image of her Tast work.


Simply Fabulous uses Tast products for exclusive catering


Simply Fabulous is an events agency dedicated to organising products launches and presentations for important fashion brands. 

Veronic Gladstone and her team transform the concept of an event into a fascinating experience. They use Tast products to present some of their delicious projects.


The "Català de l'any 2007" gets together the best Chefs from catalan cuisine


The "Català de l'any 2007" gets together the best chefs from de catalan cuisine with a group of promising young chefs.

Most culinary creations made ​​for this event were presented with Tast catering items.